Tips for Creating a Caring Environment

Psychology and research tell us that employees need a caring environment to function at their best.  There are specific actions that business managers and leaders can take to help their employees feel like they matter to their organization.

  • Be real and genuine about caring for the people around you.  Mean it.


  • Be interested in your workers, and ask them about their experience.

“How are you?”   “How was your day?”   “What was that (job, meeting) like?”

  • Encourage employees to grow and learn. Provide support.

“You can take on that new role.”  “Can I help you find resources for that job?”

  • Avoid creating feelings of rejection, especially by being angry, personally critical, or threatening.

You don’t say: “You messed up that job.”  “You are a problem for us.”

  • Make it clear what is expected of your employees. 

“Let’s discuss the outcomes needed for this job.”  “Let’s go over your performance so we are clear what is expected.”

  • Provide praise for good work.  Informal, personal praise is essential; you can’t rely on formal programs of recognition.

“That was great.”  “Thanks for your effort on that project.”

  • Let them know they are valuable to the mission of the company.

“You made a real contribution on that contract.”

There are many ways to help your employees feel like they matter.  Keep it simple and be creative.  What matters is that you try.

Tom DeMaio, PhD

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