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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for skill building and performance enhancement. The best and most successful executives utilize executive coaching.

My work as a coach is to help you identify areas of performance growth and develop a plan to achieve it. There are two main components to my executive coaching: skill building and the personal growth needed to follow through on the new skills. The work is not therapy, though it can address personal areas of blockage. The advantage of a psychologist coach is that I understand the typical personal reactions in people that impede ideal performance. Everyone has blocks that cause them to lose their power just like how Kryptonite took away Superman’s powers. Personal blocks need to be identified and worked out so that one can use new skills.

My Process

Our engagement is always guided by the specific goals to be achieved.
Step 1
Begins with a meeting of the key people responsible for the decision to bring in my coaching services.
Step 2
If there are goals from management, then we will make a plan for the attainment of the goals and spell out areas of open communication and of confidentiality.
Step 3
Focused consultation with the executive. The work can be face to face or through communication.

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